One new COVID-19 case confirmed in Machong Town
2021-06-22 14:53     Source : Dongguan Today

On June 21, Machong Town of Dongguan City reported a mild locally-transmitted confirmed case of COVID-19, who is a close contact in centralized isolation and medical observation.

The case surnamed Jing, male, 20 years old, is a boarding student at the Dongguan campus of Guangzhou Xinhua University (廣州新華學院東莞校區), located in Machong Town. On the evening of June 18, he was identified as a close contact of Li, a previously confirmed case of Dongguan City on June 18 and management and control measures were implemented on Jing. On June 21, Jing's nucleic acid testing result was positive, and then he was transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment. After experts' consultation, he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

At present, the epidemiological survey of the case and the tracking and management of the close contacts are progressing in an orderly manner. Disinfection measures have been adopted in relevant places and areas.

After preliminary screening, Jing has visited the following key places in Dongguan:

June 12

18:00 - 21:00, went to “DHair”, Machong town (麻涌“DHair”理發) for haircuts with Jia, a previously confirmed case, and then to the McDonald’s in Dynacity Shopping Center, Machong town (麻涌星河城商場“麥當勞餐廳”) and TOP ONE fried-chicken restaurant (TOP ONE韓國炸雞店).

21:00 - 23:00, went to HuiyeJingniangPub (輝業精釀清吧) to meet friends.

June 13

14:30 - 20:50, went to Dynacity Shopping Center, Machong town (麻涌鎮星河城商場) for shopping, stayed at Starbucks in the shopping center for a short while (星河城商場“星巴克”), and then to Yufu Cyber Café(漁夫網吧) and had a meal at Niushanji restaurant(牛膳記餐館).

June 14

18:00 - 20:00, went to Authentic Daojiao Meatballs restaurant (正宗道滘肉丸), and to Machong Food Market(麻涌菜市場) and SPAR Supermarket in Dynacity Shopping Center, Machong town (麻涌鎮星河城商場“嘉榮超市”) for shopping, and then to Along Fruit Store(阿龍水果) at the north gate of Xinhua University.

June 16

17:45 -18:45, went to Wuguyufen restaurant, Machong branch(五谷漁粉麻涌店), and then to Guomiyuan (果蜜園).

June 17

18:45 -20:30, went to Yidiandian store (麻涌創客坊一點點奶茶) and Dongbei Dumpling Restaurant (創客坊東北餃子館)in Chuangkefang, Machong town.

June 18, he was sent to the centralized point for isolation and medical observation in a closed-loop procedure, then transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment on June 21.

June 12- June 18, except for visiting the above locations, he was on campus all the time.

Editor: Chen Xiaoqian
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