One more area in Dongguan classified as medium-risk
2021-06-21 19:57     Source : Dongguan Today

On June 21, Dongguan designated one more community in the city as medium-risk for COVID-19, namely the Dongguan campus of Guangzhou Xinhua University, Machong Town, Dongguan City (東莞市麻涌鎮廣州新華學院-東莞校區), after one new local case was reported in the university on Sunday.

The city now has two areas that are classified as medium-risk for COVID-19. The other one is Building 2, Baiyue Shangcheng community, Nancheng District (東莞南城街道百悅尚城小區2棟).


The press conference on the city's fight against COVID-19 was held in Dongguan on June 21.

From June 18 to 19, Dongguan carried out the first-round free nucleic acid testing for all residents in Guancheng District, Dongcheng District, Wanjiang District, Nancheng District, and Machong Town. About 2 million samples were collected. As of 4 pm on June 21, except for the positive result of the Machong university student reported last night, all the results were negative.

Machong Town has entered into closed-off management as of June 20, with no leaving allowed. The second-round free nucleic acid testing was carried out in the town on the same day. As of 10 am on June 21, a total of 220,000 samples had been collected. The first batch of 160,000 people had received test results, all of which were negative.

From June 19 to 20, Dongguan conducted free nucleic acid testing for all residents in Dalingshan Town, Chang'an Town, and Humen Town. A total of 2,334,790 samples of people were collected, and all the test results were negative.

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