Exhibition of stamps featuring revolutionary sites
Exhibition time: June 18 to August 18, 2021Venue: Guancheng Library (closed on Mondays)The revolutionary sites include the former areas of important party organ
The red marks——Picture exhibition of revolutionary sites in Dongguan
A hundred representative revolutionary sites are selected to display in Deng Erya & Huang Banruo Literature Exhibition Hall in Dongguan People’s Park.
Classic ballet Red Detachment of Women
It is the first and most successful full-length Chinese ballet, with both the theme and content reflecting a unique Chinese style.
High-simulation models of lunar rover and Mars rover debut in Dongguan
Dongguan Science Museum launches a series of activities concerning aerospace, popularizing relevant knowledge of space exploration and technology to citizens ..
Exhibition of Porcelains from Changsha Kiln
The exhibition will enable the audience to experience the remarkable Tang Dynasty style on the "Maritime Silk Road" thousands of years ago through pieces ...
Eaves tiles of Qin & Han dynasties exhibition
The exhibition selected about 70 pieces of eaves tiles of Qin and Han dynasties (221BC-220 AD) collected by the Ankang Museum of Shaanxi Province.
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